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Quick Fixes for Your Damaged Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry can break just like anything else, no matter how much you paid for it. At Kim Khap Gems, we can extend the life of your favorite pieces with jewelry repairs. Contact us today for a quote! We also provide maintenance that restores the beauty of your older jewelry. You can also bring your defective timepieces to us for watch repairs.

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New Life for Damaged Pieces

We do both major and minor jewelry work on site, so you never have to worry about a third-party handling your pieces. Additionally, we offer fast service. Many projects can be done by the next day if not the same day. Our array of jewelry repair services includes:

• Ring Sizing
• Prong Work
• Pearls Restringing
• Band Re-Shanking

• Gemstone Replacement
• Re-Tipping
• Chain Repair

• Soldering
• Polishing
• Reshaping

Restore Your Watch's Accuracy

For watches, we can replace batteries, bands, crystals, crowns, stems, and clasps in addition to making repairs for quartz movements. We also replace the movements in Japanese and Swiss watches.

As with our jewelry repairs, watch services are performed in-house and can be done in minutes. To restore the accuracy of your watches, we replace their batteries with Energizer and Renata batteries.

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